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While no telephone lines run to Monkey River, Clive has a fixed-base cellular system that handles e-mail, fax, fixed telephone and cell-phone.

But, since Clive and his team are usually out working, the easiest way to contact Monkey River is by e-mail.  You will usually get an answer that day.


By telephone (from the States first dial 011):

The telephone is:  501-709-2028 or 720-2025
The fax is:  501-720-2025
Clive's personal cell-phone is 501-6-6715

To request a reservation, you can fill out and 'submit' the form below. We will let you know what is available and the exact cost.

Also, I'm trying to put together a list of people who might be interested in adventuring in Belize and possibly visiting us here at Monkey River.  If you like I will add you to the list to receive whatever periodic mailings I might put together.

And let me know your thoughts about my website.

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A Contact in the United States...
Matt Samuels is a commercial lobsterman who lives and fishes in Searsmont, Maine, USA.  He is also the only person from away to have a house in Monkey River.  Needless to say, he is a world-class fisherman.

You can contact Matt directly for information about Monkey River at

Or call Matt in the States at 207-342-2768

Matt Samuels
RR1 PO Box 471
Searsmont, Maine 04973

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