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Welcome to Monkey River!

Welcome to the Carribean coast of Belize where the Monkey River flows into the ocean.

A visit to Monkey River is truely a unique experience.  But bring your spirit of adventure...

Monkey River boast 200 residents, mostly fishermen, sand streets, no cars. It lies beyond the electric grid, beyond phone lines.

It took a direct hit from hurricane Iris in October 2001, so it is heavily involved in rebuilding efforts.

But the people of Monkey River are simply the nicest, most friendly that can be found.

And welcome to Clive Garbutt.

Clive is Monkey River.

Sport-fishing guide, eco-tour guide, hotel manager, small businessman.

Clive is a virtual one-man band...

Clive and his extended family provide complete hotel, restaurant and guiding services.

And welcome to Clive's Place.

Clive's place, known as Sunset Inn, is the center of activity of Monkey River.

With 8 clean rooms, each with hot and cold running water, 24 hour electricity, complete bathrooms with showers and a fantastic bar and restaurant, it is essentially the only game in town.

Natural Adventure Tours is Clive's fishing and eco-tour guide service.

Leaving from Clive's Place, there are 6 experienced guides to take fishermen fly fishing, spin casting, and trolling.

Over the years Clive has established relationships with many hotels and resorts in Placentia and other locations to provide guiding services.

Eco-tours take people up the Monkey River, on Jungle walks and into the bays to watch manatees, birds and other wildlife.

And of course the monkeys!

Monkey River is not some sort of Hollywood mockup or Disney theme park.  This is the real deal.

Mark Twain said it thus: If you are the kind of person who likes this sort of thing, then you are going to love this!

Welcome to Monkey River...