Clive's Place

Clive's Place is located at the end of the inner harbor at Monkey River.

The kitchen and restaurant are located on the first floor, along with Clive's computer and communications center.

Electricity is provided by generator 24 hours a day.

The eight guest rooms are located on the second floor.

A wide, airy balcony provides a wonderful place to sit and watch things unfold in Monkey River.

The rooms are basic but freshly painted and clean.  Each has a fan and a normally-equipped bathroom with hot water.

The Prime Minister's Room contains three double beds.

The rate for the room is $US 35 per night.

The Standard Rooms each contains two twin beds.

The rate for these rooms is $US 30 per night.

Meals and in-between refreshments are served in the dining room / bar.

It is here that occasional nightime dancing and other special events are held.

Full board, three meals a day, is $US 15 per day for guests.

The kitchen is bright and clean.

Here Clive's mother Marva, assisted by Consuela (and Claudia) are preparing breakfast for guests.